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Happening Now

Downloads are now available for Unpronounceable & Che/Telekinesis 

I choose to go through Bandcamp as it seemed to give me and you the most selection for download formats.  The other two will follow shortly.   I want to thank all the people who took the time to listen to my previous efforts and who are now listening to the current offering. I hope everybody finds at least something interesting and something to ponder.

About Me

   I am a middle aged individual who has been playing the guitar for way too long and gets bouts of tedonitis to prove it,  who never really found the right group of people to share my musical vision with and now has gone deep into electronic music to solve some of the musical problems still in my head. When I talk of electronic music I don't mean that bloop and bleep music in a thumping 4/4 or sparse landscapes of barren pads and washes. I see some of the capabilities

of todays computers and software and am awed by the possibilities and wonder why no one is exploring this. I think money has has taken over the desire to take a chance and that OK for me because although Im not a wealthy man I have a job that pays the bills and my music is not indebted to the need to sell through contracts, promotors, etc... so I will continue to produce music for the forseeable future with only time, generally lack of it, getting in the way.

About the Music

Although the term usually conjures up visions of bands that sound like Dream Theater, or Genesis, Elven lands and Dragons my music tries to be none of the above but I still consider it to be progressive. I have nothing against these these band, in fact I like them very much and more, and consider King Crimson, Yes, Magma, Brand X and a whole list of others to be huge influences on me. The reason I like the word progressive is that it implies progressing from one point to another, an exploration with out quite knowing where the destination is.My music will always be about exploration in time signatures, rhythm, melody, and sound by itself and in layers. I also have plans for voices and do some manipulation with "found" vocals, but haven't figured out how to do the vocal manipulation that Im thinking about. 

My music I hope will always be listenable. I, myself have listened to, and still listen to a lot of avant guarde and experimental music that seems to me like it was a great statement or idea but in the end I find gruelling to listen to on a regular occasion. My music may not always be easy as a comic book to hear and probably would make terrible background music, although I would like to make some music to meditate to, being also a huge fan of Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Cluster etc...

I am currently writing for the next for the next set which should be ready sometime in late 2014? and is a return to  a longer form and a more aggressive sound.  I also have quite a bit of music using orchestral instruments along with electronics, That I am writing and re-writing and many more different pieces Im working on, including some "Jazz from Hell" type Compositions I am experimenting with. So much music to write no enough time to do it.

The Future

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